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Your testimonies on SEVEN© Quantum Healing Care

...."I sleep well and my nights are now restful. I feel that my weariness has disappeared.

I feel peaceful inside. I don’t over think like I used to. I know can say the word anger when I see that someone is upset.

A week has passed and I can still feel the amazing sensations of the healing care, when i was under the impression that something inside me was opening up letting go a part of me which was trapped somewhere. I felt as if something was lifting me up and gently laying me down back on my bed. And all these sensations on my right side and all these unusual jaws movement I had during the session. It was so powerful.”....


 Anna, Bordeaux (33000) Distance SEVEN© Quantum Healing Care


Hello Edith,

I would like to tell you that I often think about you, about everything you help me achieve, what you’ve taught me all along this path I took from the moment I met you (over the telephone). Honestly I have to say that I’ve never experienced such a powerful and efficient Energy Care with such astonishing results.

I wanted to share with you that I am very moved when I recall those past 3 months, when, not a long time ago, I remember that I was losing myself trying to cling on anything that could resemble to an expression of my identity. Since I started working with you, it is as if I was rescued from a drowning to focus and gradually become aware of the core quintessence of my true self.

Thank you ever so much again, I spent a magic summer enjoying this inner trip, it was really enchanting, soft, subtle, filled with exhilarations and inner awakening, Powerful.... Thank you.


Angelique, Toulouse (31000) Distance SEVEN© Quantum Healing Care



..."These days, I still feel that energy changes are still in progress in my solar plexus, throat, jaw, ears, eyes and forehead.

I think the Quantum Care is still processing

Anyway it is always pure bliss when I taste your Energy healing care. Last time I could help but smile for not reason all by myself!

I thank you so much for all the work we’ve been doing since our first session. It’s so amazing all that happened in such a short time. I am so happy about it. Thank you also for your E-mails which were really helpful when I needed the most"....


Helen, Grenoble (38000)  Distance SEVEN© Quantum Healing Care