Edith Bernard

Quantum Therapist/Healer, Creator of SEVEN© Quantum Healing Care

I have always been perceptive and responsive to Nature and living things' energy.As a child i was already connected to healing frequences without knowing it; the animals i was fond of were cured or spared from virus or disease.


As a young adult, after a university degree in English language and an interior architect qualification, I've studied thouroughly for 16 years  many existing therapeutic technics such as: Gestalt psychotherapy, EMDR, TAT life, Biological decoding, family constellations, psycho-genealogy, bio-energetic, traditional Chinese feng shui, geobiology, parapsychology, shamanism and  theories of quantum DNA activation.


I have created SEVEN© Quantum Healing Care after 7 years of experimental researches on the subtle bonds connecting matter and energy in order to get their original essence which opens the doors to our self-healing power. These intensive guided research years where my initiatory journey at the end of which I was reunited to these unique healing frequencies. Through this long and difficult process, I unveiled deep memories to finally recall that these frequencies had always been part of the essence of my soul and were waiting for my return.


These High frequencies I receive and transmit during a SEVEN© Quantum Healing  session are gentle and powerful at the same time. They work as a therapeutic cosmic wind which blows away blocks in the energy fields at a large scale and at a high speed. They get rid of the lowest vibrations such as fears, trauma, false belief systems, memories, psychological issues, physical pain and other blocks set in the most subtle energetic fields of your body, which are responsible for your dis-ease.

Then, they restore, strengthen and spread out your full energetic potential on etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


My knowledge on human psychology, trans-generational unconscious bridges coupled with my keen sensitive perception and my energy power help me unravel intellectually and intuitively the origin of your issues and aim the healing frequencies of SEVEN© Quantum Care where it is needed. Your subtle energy bodies' circulations are thus corrected in their Quantum realm which have a direct impact on your health, feelings, thoughts and also on your everydaylife events and relashionships.