SEVEN© Quantum Healing Care

Shine your true Nature!

How does a session work? How much does it cost?

We set an appointment  and I call you on the telephone (or Skype).I work at a geographic distance, wherever you are located , as  Energy goes through space et time.

You need to be in a quiet place during the session.

A session last 1h30 and the vibration frequencies of SEVEN© Quantum Healing Care still work for 7 days after the session.



After the session, you will feel immediately soothed, much more aligned, filled with happy sensation and full of life.

You will experience other effects in the following days peculiar to the person you are and the depth of the undertaken work.


The  inside and outside transformations will show quickly!


The number of needed sessions depends on your purpose and your personal history.

Please contact me for further information.